How to Create Floating Jack-o’-Lanterns Using Pool Noodles

Looking to add a spooky twist to your backyard pool this Halloween? Forget the traditional jack-o’-lanterns and instead, create floating jack-o’-lanterns using pool noodles! Not only will they bring a festive and eerie atmosphere to your swimming pool, but they are also incredibly easy to make. In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step instructions on how to transform ordinary pool noodles into glowing pumpkins that will surely impress your guests and neighbors. Get ready to make your Halloween party the talk of the town with these unique and eye-catching decorations!

History of the Jack O’ Lanterns

Pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns have become iconic symbols of Halloween, but where did it all begin? The history of the jack o’ lanterns can be traced back to ancient Celtic traditions. The Celts believed that on Samhain, a festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, spirits would roam the earth. To ward off these wandering spirits, they would carve grotesque faces into turnips or potatoes and place them outside their homes.

However, it wasn’t until Irish immigrants brought their traditions to America in the 19th century that pumpkins became synonymous with jack o’ lanterns. In Ireland, they used turnips or beets due to their availability. But when Irish immigrants arrived in America, they quickly realized that pumpkins were abundant and easier to carve than other vegetables. So began the tradition of carving scary faces into pumpkins that we still practice today.

Over time, jack o’ lanterns also took on a new meaning as decorations for Halloween parties. People began carving intricate designs and adding candles inside to create an eerie glow. Some even started using multiple pumpkins stacked together to create fantastical structures called pumpkin towers or pyramids. Today, these spooky creations are not only found adorning doorsteps but are also celebrated in various pumpkin festivals around the world where talented artists compete in crafting elaborate jack o’ lantern displays.

Materials Needed:

  • Pool noodles
  • Knife or scissors
  • Black sharpies
  • White paint
  • Clear fishing line


1. Begin by using the knife or scissors to cut the pool noodles into two equal halves.

2. Draw the outline of a Jack-o’-Lantern face on one of the noodle halves using the black sharpie.

3. Paint the outline with white paint and let it dry.

4. Cut a piece of fishing line and tie it around the middle of the noodle half.

5. Tie the other end of the fishing line to the side of the pool, making sure it is secure.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 with the remaining noodle halves to create more floating Jack-o’-Lanterns.

7. Enjoy your floating Jack-o’-Lanterns!

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