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Why is it Important to Keep My Swimming Pool Clean?

A swimming pool is a precious asset that anybody can easily agree upon with a pool in their yard. Think about the lovely beauty it displays in the backyard and how it may enhance your quality of life.
Maintaining a regular swimming routine can help you lead a healthy lifestyle, and a backyard pool can also be an excellent source of fun for your family and friends. You can host barbecues, pool parties, and other events around your swimming pool.
Having a swimming pool does, however, come with a significant amount of responsibilities.
Your backyard’s functionality, safety, and appearance will be negatively impacted if the pool and its surroundings are not maintained and safe. It is up to you to ensure that it is always spotless and in top operational shape.

Benefits of Keeping a Clean Pool

You Get a Beautiful Outdoor Area

When your pool is maintained properly and kept in excellent operating condition, the functionality of your whole outdoor area will improve. 
If you can take pleasure in your time in the pool, you’ll find that your appreciation of other outside activities will follow suit. 
It doesn’t matter whether you want to organize a swimming party followed by a BBQ with friends or just to relax poolside with an excellent book after a swim; having clean water is a must for both of these activities.

You Get a Safer Environment

Not only does water that is a clean look and feels nicer, but it is also crucial for your health to treat your pool regularly. The swimmer’s itch is skin irritation from parasites in untreated water. 
There are significant health ramifications of drinking untreated or unclean water. If contaminated water is consumed, it may also result in diarrhea, stomach pains, and vomiting. Additionally, it can cause ear, eye, and throat infections

Saves Cost

When you periodically test and treat your water, clean your filters, and remove debris from your water supply, the likelihood of anything going wrong is significantly reduced. 
Cleaning your pool every week might save you significant money throughout the season. 
Pools that are properly maintained have fewer issues and, as a result, need fewer repairs.


Proper pool care not only helps you save money by reducing the need for repairs but also helps you save money throughout its useful life. This is because swimming pools that are properly maintained have a far longer lifetime. 
If the pool’s marcite or vinyl liner is maintained correctly, it should survive more than twenty years; nevertheless, the pool will need to be resurfaced many times throughout its lifetime.

How to Maintain a Clean Swimming Pool

Getting your pool clean is very technical; skilled professionals will do it. You can save time, money, and energy by trusting your pool cleaning services with Revitalize Pool and Spa
Here are our top tips for maintaining your swimming pool clean.

Make Proper Use of a Pool Skimmer

A device known as a pool skimmer skims particles off the pool’s surface. It brings in pieces of trash that are relatively tiny, such as leaves and other objects that may have found their way into the pool.
To assist in the upkeep of a clean pool, check to see that the skimmer is in good working order. Skimmers are designed to collect water off the pool’s surface, where most contaminants, such as debris and sunscreen, are located. 
They catch the dirt before it has a chance to become offensive, which helps to keep the water pure.

Make Use of Rake or Net

You may use a rake or net to remove the area’s waste like leaves, twigs, and branches. Invest in a robust and lightweight scoop with an extra-wide net and telescoping pole, and you will not be disappointed. 
It’s easier to get to all parts of your pool and much simpler. Leaves, dirt, and other material settled at the bottom of the pool may be removed with a pool vacuum.

Shock the Pool

By shocking your swimming pool regularly, you can prevent algae growth, eliminate organic debris from the water, and keep your pool clean.
Shocking the pool entails adding a significant amount of chlorine to the water to combat organic contaminants such as ammonia and nitrogen that build up in a pool and can cause the water to become cloudy and smell like chlorine. 
This is done to prevent the buildup of these contaminants, which can cause the pool to lose its clear appearance and develop a chlorine odor. If you are thinking of doing this, keep in mind that chlorine is a chemical, and proceed with extreme caution.
Once each week, either at dusk or night, wait at least 8 hours before entering the water until your filtration system has finished its cycle.

pH Check

The pH level of a pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6 for optimal swimming conditions. The pH number measures how acidic the water in the pool is. A lower pH indicates better pool disinfection; nevertheless, the value must still be safe for your skin to meet the criteria.
If you find that the pH value is excessively high, this indicates that the potential for lime deposits and algae production exists. In addition, a high pH value may cause damage to the skin as well as the eyes.
After that, you will need to apply pH minus to bring the pH value down. A pH value that is too low is harmful to both your health and your skin. For instance, you can irritate the eyes and the mucous membranes of your mouth and nose.
That is why you need the services of Revitalize Pool and Spa to check and maintain the pH level of your pool. Our pool technician will do the chemical balancing, whether high or low.

Clean Filters

An unclean filter may have a significant impact on the circulation of the water and is one of the factors that can result in a hazy or green pool. 
The process of water moving through the filter causes millions of microscopic particles to attach to the filter. The buildup of these particles may cause the pump to become slow and not perform its intended function.

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