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Sparkling Clean, Gorgeously Blue! That’s What We do!

At Revitalize Pool and Spa, we are dedicated to serving you with an amazing pool experience. Are you eager to get the blue, sparkling, clean pool? Our pool technicians are proficient in giving you this again and again. 

At Revitalize Pool and Spa, one of the things that we hold to be true to our core is the conviction that we want our clients to have a positive interaction with us every time they do business with us. 

Every member of the Revitalize Pool and Spa team is committed to giving you the highest level of customer service and technical competence available within our industry. 

As a result, you will be confident that you will get exceptional and professional service each time we come to your location.

Our crew works very hard to deliver first-class customer service, and we promise that we will always do all in our power to go above and beyond your expectations regarding the maintenance of your pool.

Pool Maintenance

We will offer the following pool services as part of the swimming pool maintenance package:

Vacuuming the swimming pool:

Vacuuming your swimming pool is a great way to keep your pool clean and free of dirt and debris. 
Sure, it’s a little work, but the benefits of vacuuming are worth the effort: We do this so you can spend less time-fighting algae. It’ll also help your pool water stay balanced, and your chemicals will work more efficiently.

Cleaning the filter:

We clean your filter to help you eliminate dust and debris. Keeping your pool’s filter is just as essential as the regular maintenance and service. 
Washing the filter as often as possible helps keep the pool looking its best and can even help extend its overall life span.

Checking and correcting chemical balance:

Our pool technician will help you get your pool water tested to know its acid composition. 
We have the perfect testing kits for this, and the result will determine the next line of action in balancing your pool’s chemical composition.
Why You Should Go For The Revitalize Experience

We Value Your Time

We value your time so much that we offer you a regular cleaning schedule that can help you keep your pool and equipment on track with the cleaning and upkeep. This ensures your swimming pool water is hygienic and stays sparkling.


We Have the Perfect Team and Equipment for Your Pool Service

We don’t want you to go through the stress of getting your hands dirty keeping your pool pristine.  Our pool technicians know when and how to go about that. 
Also, we have the equipment that makes the work easier, so you can enjoy your pool without stressing over keeping it clean, clear, and working properly.


Chemical Balancing You Can Trust

Maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your water is very important. Improperly balanced chemicals could harbour bacteria growth or cause algae to bloom, affecting your health. 
Irritations can be caused if it is not properly done. But our pool technicians are trained to properly and perfectly do the chemistry for your pool.


We Can Save You Some Money

Pool inspection done by our pool technicians can help discover possible issues or soon-to-be faults. 
And if these things are properly managed or fixed, they will save you money instead of taking care of some bigger issue or making changes to your pool equipment if they are not properly inspected.


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Let’s get you started with this amazing ”Revitalized” pool experience. 
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