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We are the Trusted Hands You Need! We are Fully Licensed and Certified!

Swimming in the United States, especially in Florida and its environs, is a hobby for many, and we have a dream of making your hobby safe, healthy, and enjoyable. 
That is why we went through all the necessary routes to acquire the right knowledge, and we are proud to have become experts with a track record of excellence. 
Before becoming licensed, the Revitalize Pool and Spa had gone through the rigorous steps and the process required to be certified and licensed by the Department of Health in Florida.
To work as a “Public Pool Service Technician,” the Florida department of health certifies us as an Operator whose scope of work involves maintaining the chemicals and cleaning a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa. 
Regardless of use, Whether public or private or even for work!
As a certified Pool Service Operator, our scope of work includes maintaining the cleanliness, water quality, and chemical balance of both public and private pools.
The Florida Department of Health has made it a standard that the cleaning, and chemical balancing associated with the pool or spa for water treatment or cleaning of the pool or spa requires licensure, which is why Revitalize Pool and Spa is a trusted hand for all those. 
Also, as a business registered in our local and state governments., we can conduct business legally.

More About Licensing.

For your pool to be suitable for swimming, the chemicals within it need to have the correct proportions, and to achieve this; you will need the assistance of a pool cleaning service that is well-versed in chemical balancing. 
The Department of Health in the state of Florida has vouched for its capabilities and issued them a license to carry out this duty and Revitalize Pool and Spa is one of the companies that hold this license. 
The certification and license demonstrate that we have the necessary tools and expertise to do the job when it comes to bringing your pool back to its best possible condition.

Class A

For a commercial pool and spa contractor with a class A accreditation, They are authorised to provide maintenance and repair services to both residential and commercial swimming pools.


Class B

A residential pool and spa contractor given the class B classification is allowed to work on the construction of a residential pool and substantial repairs to the existing residential pool. 
Those who have licences of class B require permits to carry out any other task that is required.


Class C

In the context of swimming pools and spas, a contractor with a Class C classification is one whose work is restricted to the service of the pool’s non-structural components and their equipment. 
Those with a Class C license are not permitted to construct pools or get permits.


Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

Working on the commercial or public pools, such as those found in hotels, apartment complexes, or other more significant structures, requires a valid CPO license. Revitalize Pool and Spa is a licensed Certified Pool Operator (CPO).

Certified Pool Contractor (CPC)

CPC is a state license that opens up employment opportunities in any city in the state. CPC holders might also be required to obtain a local license, which permits them to operate in some counties.

Do you Know that We are Insured?

As a business specializing in pools, we provide a comprehensive selection of services to improve the quality of your family’s time spent outside. 
Because of this, we must make sure that we purchase insurance coverage that provides enough protection for all our services.

We are Covered in Case of Accidents.

Sometimes accidents happen while our technicians are working. The property of a client could be damaged if an accident happens. 
Because of this, we have liability insurance that will, if it is necessary, pay for the cost of repairing any property damage.
The general liability policy that helps protect our business and consumers includes bodily injury insurance as one component of that coverage. 
This coverage helps compensate for the financial expenditures if a client has a bodily injury in or around our cleaner’s workplace. Expenses may include medical expenditures incurred for the treatment of injuries sustained.


We have a Products And Completed Operations Coverage.

We have products and completed operations coverage in our general liability insurance policy for the benefit of our customers and pool technicians. 
For instance, if there is damage to a pool’s pump while one of our pool technicians is cleaning the pool, our products, and completed operations coverage would exempt you from paying for it. 
Our insurance would pay for the cost of replacing the pump (considering the likelihood of this happening is one in a million, you don’t even have to worry about it).


Let’s Get You Started

We know you have been searching for a registered, licensed, and certified pool cleaning service, but now you’ve found one of the best. 
Get started by subscribing to any of our budget-friendly services now. For more information or inquiries, do not hesitate to call at (904)-842-2223. We can’t wait to give your pool a “Revatized” touch!

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