You can save time with our refresh service.
It works like magic; try it out and see for yourself!
We at Revitalize Pool and Spa understand that your biggest asset is your time and we are fully dedicated to helping you maximize it as much as possible. 
This is possible as our Refresh Service will save you time worrying about getting your pool in the best possible shape. 
Do you know you can increase productivity, reduce stress, and maintain a positive work-life balance with our Refresh Service? 
Yes! We are not offering psychological services, but as simple as it sounds, taking the burden of your pool cleaning services from your shoulder and sparing you some extra time can help you achieve as much.

Get the very best hands for your job with our refresh service.

You don’t want to mess around with some test tubes, chemicals, and colors that cause your body some harm yourself! Let’s help you run that chemistry!
We have a group of experts who are professionally trained technicians that are always ready to take on the job of your pool cleaning service. 
Due to the availability of our proficient and fully trained technicians, our Refresh Service has a track record of giving our clients peace of mind because their pool is properly cared for and maintained by experts. 
Choosing a professional swimming pool cleaning service like ours keeps you relaxed, knowing your swimming pool is safe for everyone who uses it.  
So, you can enjoy your pool without stressing over keeping it clean, clear, and working properly.
Maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your water isn’t always easy. You should know that improperly balanced chemicals could harbor bacteria growth or cause algae to bloom, which could affect your health. 
Also, the wrong pH or overly high chemical concentrations can irritate your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin. 
Not a nice one for your body, but you can avoid this with our Refresh Service, as our technicians work properly on your pool chemical balancing and help in keeping you and your family safe even as you relax in your swimming pool.


Save yourself some money through our refresh service.

We make it easy for you to enjoy a clean, safe, and relaxing pool experience that fits 
your budget.
You can save time and money by subscribing to our Refresh Service, where our professional pool technicians will make things happen asap, all with a pocket-friendly amount. 
It’s obvious how they save time, but you might be wondering how on earth they can also help you save some money, don’t worry, you are just about to find out!
Our professional pool technicians can also save you money through early detection of potential problems and paying too much for commercial pool cleaning equipment. 
Our refresh service includes inspecting and cleaning your pool’s pump, filter, chemical balancing, and other amazing things. 
This extends the life of your equipment by preventing premature wear that could be avoided when detected early. You can save a bundle on major repairs and replacement costs by detecting minor problems before they become significant.
The secret to a clean, inviting pool is the regularly scheduled care you get from Revitalize Pools and Spa. Our Refresh Service will leave you amazed at how you can make your pool classy and healthy even with such a budget-friendly amount.


Regular inspection and schedules you can trust.

Ever found yourself wondering if you can keep a clean, healthy, and functional pull with your busy schedule? Guess what? We’ve got you covered! 
One of our most important goals is to ensure your comfort regarding the pool service. 
And that is why we make sure our Refresh Service runs a 52-weekly pool inspection where our professional pool technicians ensure your pool is in the best shape and fit for use. 
There wouldn’t have to deal with forgetting about your pool maintenance anymore because our cleaning services will fix that up for you. 
Even if you are out of town, we carry out the maintenance so that you can come home to meet a clean, inviting, and functional pool. 
You might be thinking, “does Revitalize Pools and Spa only deal with pool Cleanings.” Well, that is not true; even though cleaning is one of the core services, it is not the only service we provide. 
We also give your pool a thorough inspection as a part of the maintenance service that we are providing. Our pool technicians will ensure that your pool equipment, floorings, walls, water features, and other components are in good shape. 
They will inspect your pool regularly.
When they notice any issues with your pool, they will report them to you. 
Anything that arises will be reported immediately to prevent it from escalating, which can cost you a lot more money.


Why Not Get Started Now?

What are you waiting for? Why not make all the stress stop? Why not save yourself the stress that can cause damage to your pool equipment? Call Revitalize Pools and Spa at (904)-842-2223 to get a Refresh Service subscription. 
With a Refresh Service Package, you’ll get the following for a monthly fee of $89.99 and an annual fee of $989:
  • Fully Trained and Professional Technician
  • 52 Weekly Inspections
  • Professionally Balanced Water
  • No Chemicals Stored at your Home
  • Complete Algae Treatment
  • Specially Blended Sanitizer
  • All Chemicals Included in Price

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