Interview with a veteran: Evan King

Evan King - Revitalize Pool and Spa

Evan King’s journey from military veteran to successful businessman is an inspiring one. He served in the military for 4 years, stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. His duty involved security gate management on campus, along with dealing swiftly with emergencies like fleet intrusions by submarines.

One of Evan’s highlights during his service from 2007 to 2011 was learning firsthand from survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack during commemorative events. The experience was poignant and rewarding, fostering a profound sense of respect for history.

Despite the undeniable thrill of being a part of something bigger than himself, Evan’s service wasn’t without its challenges. He frequently found himself navigating cultural differences among his compatriots and helping bridge cultural divides, which while fraught with challenges also offered valuable insights into human relations.

A key lesson he took away from his military stint is accountability, it was a quality that was instilled strongly during his time in service and he has carried forward into civilian life. Be it showing up on time or fulfilling responsibilities diligently, ‘accountability’ became more than just a term; it defined how he navigated through everyday life post-service.

An ardent admirer of the structure and discipline provided by the military, Evan advises prospective recruits that joining may seem daunting and even scary, but ultimately most find it more challenging to leave given how transformative an experience it can be.

The discipline he developed during his service significantly influenced his entrepreneurial journey post-military life as well. At Revitalize Pool and Spa, the company he co-founded, processes are structured similar to those under military guidance albeit not quite as stringent.

As for staying connected to home while stationed thousands of miles away? That was tricky, but frequent calls back home softened these transitions somewhat. Additionally, borrowing nostalgia from melodies he grew up listening to helped him cope with homesickness effectively.

Success comes wearing different badges for different individuals. For Evan King, success seemingly led him from the rigorous paths within an esteemed military organization to becoming an entrepreneur, showcasing how life skills acquired in one sphere can translate into successes in another.

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