Illuminate the Night: The 7 secrets to Changing Your Pool Light in Minutes

Imagine stepping outside on a warm summer evening and diving into the crystal-clear water of your pool, only to be greeted by a dull and lifeless light. Don’t let a dimly-lit pool ruin your nighttime oasis! In this article, we will unveil the 7 secrets to changing your pool light in minutes, so you can transform your swimming experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re looking to create an enchanting ambiance for a late-night swim or impress guests with a vibrant underwater display, these tips and tricks will have you illuminating the night like never before.

Many swimming pools have specialized lighting that makes evening swimming more enjoyable and lends an air of coziness to the surrounding environment. Even if most contemporary light bulbs are designed to survive for many months or even years, a bulb blowout may still occur, which will alter the lighting design of the pool.

When one of the bulbs in your pool lights burns out, it will be helpful if you know how to replace it. Because of the lights’ design and the fixtures’ position, it is feasible to change the light bulbs without lowering the water level in the swimming pool. This makes it much more straightforward to maintain the lighting fixtures.

Even if it is not very difficult to switch out a pool light, it is essential to be aware of how to do so securely. The measures necessary to effectively replace pool lights are outlined in the following paragraphs. For pool light repair in Perth, Western Australia, get in touch with the experienced professionals at 1 Pool Care immediately if you’d rather have expert help.

How to Perform a Pool Light Switch in a Risk-Free Manner: 7 Easy Steps

In an ideal situation, you would have the user manual for your pool available so that you could read all of the instructions and requirements provided by the manufacturer. On the other hand, the tutorial that follows will include detailed instructions that will teach you how to take apart and then reassemble a pool light.

Make sure you have all of the necessary materials on hand before starting the project:

  1. New light bulb to replace the old one
  2. Replacement lens gasket
  3. Screwdrivers with either a Philips or a flathead tip
  4. Voltage tester (multimeter)
  5. Dry towels
  6. Burned-out-light-bulb

Steps on How to Change Your Pool Light


Before beginning any pool light activity, such as maintenance or replacing bulbs, you must cut off all the electricity supplied to the pool. A protective covering is added to the light fixtures in and around swimming pools. This is done to avoid the danger of electrocution by preventing moisture from getting to the wires and other electrical components. Changing light bulbs requires exposing electrical wiring; therefore, turning off the power is an absolute must to prevent injury.

You may need to go to the circuit breaker box in your house to switch off the energy to the pool. If it comes equipped with a “pool” switch, check to see that it is set to the “off” position. If the primary electrical box does not have a pool switch, you may discover one near the pool equipment.

Before replacing a light bulb, you should ensure that the lights are turned off and that no electricity runs into the pool area.


Most pool light fixtures are attached to the walls with only a single screw. The screw-lock on the light fixture will most likely be located at the very top of the fixture and will either have a flathead or a Philips screw.

Extend your arm into the water above the pool light if it is located close to the top of the waterline of the pool. You may need to entirely submerge yourself in the pool to reach the fixture if it is located at a depth more than what is safely achievable from the pool’s surroundings. When you have located the faulty light fixture, remove the screw-lock using a screwdriver with the proper head and twist it counterclockwise.


Put the screw in a secure location on the pool surround, and then use a screwdriver with a flathead tip to remove the pool light fixture from the box it is attached to on the pool wall. The bottom of it may have a tab that can be pulled out of the way more easily.

The light will be supplied with power via wiring that will be a part of the fixture. It is necessary for there to be a wiring excess for you to be able to remove the fixture from the pool without having to unhook anything. To prevent the lens from being scratched, lay a towel down on the pool surround, then carefully position the light fixture on top of the towel.


To guarantee that there is no flow of electricity via the wires, it is in everyone’s best interest to have the wiring inspected and tested. Before touching the wires with your hands, use the multimeter to check them for voltage. This will help you prevent being shocked or even electrocuted.

If the multimeter reads anything, electricity is supplied to the pool from another location. Before moving on, be sure you check the breaker boxes and all of the electrical switches.


If the voltage meter displays a flatline, it is time to disassemble the lighting fixture. Remove all the screws and clamps used to connect the lens to the hardware and set them to the side. To access the light bulb, you must first remove the face ring, the lens, and the gasket.


To remove the light bulb from its fixture, carefully hold it with a dry cloth and then spin it counterclockwise using very gentle motions. When you’ve finished removing it, use the towel to dry the inside of the fixture thoroughly.


You can easily fix the light bulb for your pool after removing the bad one by fixing and spinning it clockwise.

Following the instructions above will see you get your pool light fixed. It is simple and safe. This will improve the night-time visibility of your swimming pool. You can now use your pool day and night as far as your pool light is fixed.

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