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Whether you have a pool in your backyard or run a public swimming facility, maintaining a clean environment for swimmers is essential for protecting their health and safety. This requires the use of the appropriate chemicals, blowing off the deck area, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the skimmers, and backwashing the filter, among other things. You may not be excited to handle these responsibilities on your own, so maybe you should consider working with a pool cleaning company instead.


What You Should Consider

Here are some things you should look for in the business that you choose to clean your residential or public swimming pool:



Consideration should be given to the pool service provider’s reputation as well as their level of professional expertise. You should choose a pool cleaning company with expertise in dealing with various pool designs and configurations. These days, information on a company’s reputation may be easily found. You can begin by asking people you know, such as friends and neighbors, and then move on to do some investigating. Make sure you read online comments and reviews to understand what other customer’s experiences have been like. When you see a consistent pattern of good feedback from clients who have used the company in the past, you can be sure that it is a trustworthy company.



When it comes to who may call themselves a technician and how much training is required before someone can work independently in the field of pool repair, the standards that apply vary from state to state. Certain states do not have any criteria or regulations that are considered minimal.

Investigate the background of the pool care service you are considering using. An inexperienced novice’s errors can cause harm to, or perhaps destroy, your pool or your pool equipment, and even worse, they may affect your family’s health.

Two tiers of training and certification are available for the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Training of two days is required to get the Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO) certification. The first day of the course may be done online, but the second day must be attended in person with the teacher. Participants who reach the CPO level will most likely understand pool operators’ role in managing, maintaining, and reducing the risk of swimming pools.


Choose a Pool Care Company with a Proper Office.

The office that a company maintains is often one of the most telling indicators of how stable the company is. A business should have an office. This shows they’ve been in business for a while and have built up a consistent clientele. It makes no difference how small the office is, as long as customers may be assisted anytime they have questions about the products or services they provide.

If a company has a real office, it will be much simpler for you to visit them and directly inquire about their services and address any problems you may have in the future about the job they have done for you.


Repair Services

While cleaning your pool, a specialist may discover problems. Taking immediate action to address these issues helps prevent the problems from worsening. Pool cleaning companies that also offer repairs and maintenance will offer you with the most convenience. When repairs are needed, you won’t need to find another company as your current pool service company can assist.


Pricing and Clarification

The majority of pool cleaning and maintenance businesses have various maintenance schedules. Choose how often you want the pool service to maintain your pool. Perhaps you need the company’s help to get your pool opened in the spring and closed in the autumn. Or maybe you want them to maintain your pool consistently all year long, or a combination of both.

You should also make sure necessary chemicals are included in the cost or if there is an extra payment. Does the normal maintenance of your pool include cleaning the filter as required, or is there a separate fee? Is the price of opening and shutting your pool included in your contract for year-round service? The responses to these questions may show you why one service is much less expensive than the others.



A surprising number of companies who market themselves as pool cleaners do not have professional liability insurance. This means that you won’t be covered if they damage your pump or heating equipment. Before hiring someone to clean your pool, you should always ensure they have insurance. If they don’t it could result in significant financial loss. Any legitimate company offering pool cleaning services will have proof of insurance certificates.


Transparency and Honesty

You should be able to build and develop a good working relationship with your pool cleaning company. If they are not open and honest in their approach to working with you, this should raise some concerns.

The people who clean your pool should arrive promptly every time. If they are going to be late, they need to let you know. They should also offer you an honest evaluation of the condition of your pool equipment and what services may be required in the future. In addition, they should be forthright about the prices that they charge.


Revitalize Pool and Spa Ticks All the Boxes

If you want a pool cleaning service with a good reputation, certified and well insured, Revitalize Pool and Spa is the company you should consider. All our services are available at affordable prices. You can get started today! Visit our office at 644 Cesery Blvd, Suite 250, Jacksonville, Florida, or call us on 904-842-2223.

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