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Meaningful and impactful relationships are what drives our philosophy,” says Evan King, Founder and Operations Manager of Revitalize Pool & Spa Services.  Evan works under the conviction that his relationship with his employees translates into their relationships with the client.  “Accountability comes from the top down,” Evan explains.  He is a hands-on kind of guy, and personally gets involved in the care and maintenance of a homeowner’s most precious assets – their swimming pool and spa.

Evan King’s unique blend of military discipline and client-focused business leadership is the driving force behind the expertise and friendliness offered by Revitalize Pool & Spa Services.  Evan served in the Navy, where he learned the value of hard work, a strict methodology (which is exactly what your pool needs) and unwavering commitment.  As an entrepreneur, Evan learned the value of caring for his clients and going beyond the call of duty to ensure they receive the very best attention and service they deserve.

What do you, as a pool owner, expect from a professional maintenance company?

  • Commitment – show up when you say you’ll show up

  • Expertise – take the extra measures required to do the job right

  • Communication – stay in touch and be informative

  • Customer Care – value the client enough to always listen, react and respond

““We chose the name ‘Revitalize,’” says Evan, “because we believe that when a pool is revitalized and in crystal clear condition, your spirits and wellbeing are also revitalized when you take a dip.” In other words, Revitalize isn’t just about the pool, it’s also about you. Whether it’s a weekend barbeque pool party or a late-night swim to recover from a hectic day, the impeccable quality of your pool is vital.”

Impeccable Quality - that’s Evan King’s promise to you.


Do your service workers have a specific schedule to follow?

Yes, every one of our pool clients has a pre-determined weekday when their pool is maintained.
Long-term established schedules ensure that the chemistry and cleanliness of your pool are
always consistent, and they allow you to prepare ahead of time.

Do you have pool mechanics who come out on a regular basis as part of your chemical service?

On every visit, our pool technicians are trained to inspect the principal pool equipment for proper operation.
If they detect something that needs to be addressed, they alert our customer support staff, who then
provide you with a report.

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